Your Twitter account got suspended?

We are investigating with a lawyer why the account was suspended because Twitter couldn't send a simple mail to us. Currently, everything points to the fact that the bullies have sent their Minions on it, who have abused the report button often enough. A first celebration that they "did it" of well-known bullies strengthens the clues.

Additionally, rumor has it that we are back on Twitter with new accounts. No, we are not, and we don't want to be. A lawyer is already in contact with Twitter to reactivate the account @naldela_teleyal. If you hear something else, you can be sure that it is a lie.
The problem with spreading around that we are supposed to have new accounts is that it does not appeal to the bullies that there are people who share our opinion and not theirs. To undermine this, the bullies lie to their Minions, Twitter, and lawyers that it is us, what we clearly deny! It could also be possible that these accounts were created by the bullies themselves to stir up even more hatred and to be able to place themselves even further into the victim role, which cannot be ruled out at all since they have tried every dirty trick so far.

The fact that they react directly like this instead of trying to have a conversation also proves many statements that have been made against them.

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04/06/2021 6:37pm


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