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On Twitter, once again, well-known bullies spread lies about my websites being malware. In particular, the communication via the contact page with which support and contact are provided. Self-proclaimed "professional" artists spread rumors, that my sites are only used to publish private material and serve to collect data. However, they don't seem to be very professional. Otherwise, they would know what a help desk software is and what purpose it serves, as well as it's no misuse of a published email address when I add a ticket by myself in my system to get in touch. But it's easier for many of them to whine on Twitter and keep rushing with telling further bullshit. Especially when you supposedly don't know the person. 

In the hope that those have the ability to read, the following text is a small description of Help Desk Software. Since those on Twitter were whining about so much text, I tried to keep it short.

The day-to-day life of the members of a support team can become quite chaotic. This is mainly because they can receive enormous requests and incident reports from different channels on the same day. In response to this uncontrolled shower of tickets and to provide a higher efficiency level to the helpdesk.

This type of tool is mainly addressed to the support services of organizations. Its main objective is to allow better monitoring of the problems expressed by customers. In short, the ticket system allows you to file and track each problem, evaluate its priority, its level of progress, assign responsibility, etc...

With a Ticketing System, organizations can access and manage an unlimited number of requests and incidents through a single interface. In this way, all requirements can be assigned to the right member of the company for immediate attention.

Today, organizations can offer users a multichannel system to express their concerns, questions, or complaints thanks to technological advances. In this context, if the right tool is not used, traceability problems begin to arise. In other words, user requests can be lost in an indefinite nebula of unclassified tickets. This results in a significant number of unresolved incidents and, consequently, in customer dissatisfaction.

On the contrary, the support team can create a complete database to better manage customer requests with a ticketing system. One of the greatest advantages that this type of tool offers is the possibility of prioritizing those tickets with greater relevance. Thus, the support department does not have to worry about solving everything simultaneously but can determine which request should be answered faster.


Quick problem detection

One of the main utilities that a ticketing system can provide is the quick detection of problems. This is achieved through intelligent metrics and the categorization system; that integrates this type of software. With this tool, it is possible to identify the causes that promote the recurrent appearance of certain incidents and their correlation with other problems filed in the database.


Intelligent task assignment

All tickets must be assigned to an agent to be processed, but the manual assignment represents a real loss of human potential. So, in this case, the ticketing process needs to be automated. For this, the Ticket System becomes an essential tool because it allows you to define standards and create regulations so that each entry is attributed to the correct member of your organization.

As a result, everyone in the Help Desk has an understanding of who is managing what. And none stumble upon the inconvenience of resolving entries that have already been taken by other colleagues.


Smoother communication

The ticketing system also promotes greater cooperation between the members of your help desk; by allowing them to communicate more efficiently with each other and with the users. In fact, most of these tools allow the automatic sending of e-mails to users once a ticket has been created or when any change in the ticket status occurs. As a result, the user can receive notifications when their ticket is resolved. This translates into greater efficiency and increased user satisfaction.


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We are running a licensed version of a Help Desk System called Hesk!

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