The insinuation of tracking software (punishable according to § 164 Criminal Code (StGB))

On Twitter, some of these #ArtistsOnTwitter are spreading the claim that I would use tracking software and only want to get your data. This claim is a lie from the ground up. Since I, unlike some artists who claim to be professional, run several servers of my own with several domains, I have full access to the servers' operating system. On 2 runs a CentOS, on one a Fedora, and the 4th a Debian.
Due to the increased access, I also have insight into the server log files of the web server, which look like in the attached screenshot1_logs.png file.

The information removed in the screenshot is the IP address of whoever accessed the page. I usually replace this with to allow anonymous access. Still, I had to re-enable the IP address logging for a few offers due to stalkers and bullies, since they are significant for the running lawsuits.

Only when I see conspicuousness in these log files (see attached file screenshot2_bad-logs.png) do I let Matomo evaluate the file to get an overview, from where the conspicuous calls come from, how often they happened, if it happened before, and so on. Even when evaluating with Matomo, the IP address is anonymized by replacing the last two digits of the address with a 0.

The log files of the server are rotated daily. This means that the current one is copied, compressed, and stored for seven days, and the protocol starts over again.

To intervene in time in case of problems on the server, I use notifications via push software such as Gotify as well as an own monitor, on which the log files run all day.

Since I am since 2001 specialized software developer, focusing on web development, since five years LPI 1 & 2 certified Linux system administrator and only work for around 14 years as a software developer and Linux system administrator, is, according to the statement of the tyrants, naturally everything from me lied and those, which publish private and personal information as a "Callout" and then also still agitate, by selling their stupidity as knowledge and publicly lies, are correct.

PS: It shows, of course, also of supernatural stupidity if one stirs up panic of an alleged Tracker when the same manage their “customers” with Google Mail, Google Docs, Google Forms, and so on. Of course, Google does not collect data about those who visit the pages, and Google Analytics is also just a paint application.

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