Why did you remove the links to the artists?

It is a rumor from well-known bullies that you have to link the artists. Their goal is to continue to agitate against me, ignoring that they do not comply with applicable laws by themselves.  
Any additional naming, e.g., under the picture itself, including linking the name to the artist's profile on my page, was an additional expression of my affection for the corresponding artists and not needed because the artwork was commissioned by me for my homepage. It would be something different when I took the images from another homepage! Since some of the artists I listed participate in the hate campaign against me, I do not see why I should support those by mentioning or even linking these haters.  

According to copyright law, I am only obliged to leave the watermark on the artworks as they were delivered to me. Exceptions are artworks, where either between the artist and me a cancellation agreement has come about, the artist has expressed his displeasure through sayings like "You can do what you want with the images" or through doxxing by publishing private and personal information, e.g., e-mails and screenshots from private chats. These artworks are accordingly no longer marked with the artists' watermark at all.

Currently, I only mention and link trustworthy artists who have not immediately joined the hate campaign, have not been influenced by the agitators and their parasites, and are still working with me.

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08/30/2021 4:33pm


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