Someone claims that you are also a user named Nuan

The only ones who claim I am also Nuan are those who spread hate and lies about me. The only reason to claim something like that is to put themselves in a better position by lying to others that I don't have friends who agree with my position. This is because Nuan has published information about which artists are spreading hate, allowing and/or supporting hate and stalking in their communities. In order to damage my credibility, it is alleged that I wrote the list too and spread around, that I'm Nuan.  
By the way: This insinuation is punishable under § 164 of the German Penal Code (StGB) as False Suspicion as well as § 187 of the German Penal Code (StGB) as Slander and is currently in court against those who started the hate campaign against me in more than one case. The more come with this insinuation, the more flows into the lawsuit. Since I, as the injured party, am resident in Germany, German law is applicable. Criminal proceedings can and will also be enforced in non-EU countries. All those who claim these lies against me will be mentioned in the corresponding lawsuits! Due to lack of cooperation of individuals, I will not only provide the person himself as contact to my lawyer, but also the communities leadership and owner.

If you really don't want to be involved, don't use the words of a liar to accuse me of something while you do absolutely nothing about stalking, doxxing and/or bullying!

To make it clear: I am not Nuan! I was never and I will never be!

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