I love your characters. Am I allowed to create Fanart?

I would really feel honored about fanart of my characters. But:

Fanart is allowed under certain circumstances:

  • It is not allowed to harm my characters or me
  • It is not allowed to pervert my characters or me through, i.e., explicit scenes
  • The personality and relationships of my characters must be considered. For example, Naldela would never kiss anyone but Ykril!

If you did one, please mention me on Twitter. When you're using Mastodon or fediverse compatible network, you can find me on writing.exchange.
If you want to publish it on teleyal.blog, please send me a higher scaled, including your watermark, to contact@teleyal.blog or create a ticket with this system.

Even if the image appears on my website, the copyright remains with the artist and the licensing terms described at teleyal.blog/offtopic/licenses apply.

What about NSFW Fanart?

NSFW is something I would rather commission an artist to prevent, i.e., sexualization or inappropriate aggressiveness of my characters. Especially nude illustrations of my characters are very personal and should not be shared carelessly in networks!


Artists listed at teleyal.blog/url/twitter-bullies and their "friends" as well as German and UK artists are excluded from creating art of my characters in general.
As I said before, I would be honored about fanart, but I don't want fanart from artists who support intriguing agitators whose actions either even approve of or approve by silence. "See nothing, hear nothing, say nothing" supports and advocates misconduct and is most misplaced when it comes to abusing customer data like their friends did.  

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12/16/2020 2:46pm

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